My name is Nik and I am a pin addict! ;)

I started Pin Club in 2015 as a way to justify the amount I was spending on pins every month!  Partially true! I have been running my own business since 2005 importing Mexican folkart and was ready for a new venture. The idea was to create a low cost subscription for people who love pins.  I'm proud that we were the first pin subscription, although to be honest, the more the merrier, it just means more pins! 

I have had an amazing journey with Pin Club over the last 11 months - we have grown faster than I could ever have imagined and I love being part of the pin community.  There have been collaborations with some great designers and I love seeing our pins heading out around the world.  

We will be celebrating our first birthday in August and we have BIG celebrations planned.. keep watching, you won't want to miss them! xx

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